Food Tank Summit at NYU November 2nd 2019

Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies was honored to participate in this important event to address issues regarding world hunger and food sustainability.

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We Believe In Magic!

The Partnership of Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies & Snack Magic!

The delicious taste of our treats is now available from the premier snack subscription box service NOW! Snack Magic is the snack box that takes all the pressure off of gifting. We have two treat bag combinations which will blow your mind & all it takes to order is your appetite!

You Can't Miss With Flavor Like This!

Homemade and authentic chocolate chip cookies with ingredients you can pronounce? ALL TRUE!DON'T GET CAUGHT IN THE MATRIX OF DULL & BORING SNACKS!


When the taste of HABANERO reaches your taste buds, who are you gonna call?

This is a snack gamechanger who's time has come!


We are serious when a new flavor puts you to the test, so this is a roller coaster ride that you better buckle up for!

About Miss Myrtle

  • The Inspiration

Why Are We Special? Your Taste Buds Are The Judge!

  • Authenticity

    Yes, it is made from scratch by us — and that's why it makes a huge difference.

  • Ingredients

    The reason we list the ingredients up front on the label is to establish no chemical monkey business, just wholesomeness!

  • Real Spices

    So many people really have to do a double takewhen they take their first bite. We don't do preservatives!

  • Certified By The New York State Department of Agriculture

    It's important to meet the high standards by what we sell to who we sell, our loyal customer!


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Read the Shoutout L.A. interview!


OUR MENU If you're ordering multiple items, please click our

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies Treat Bag ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 6

    Take a bite into chocolate chip heaven! Made with all natural ingredients with the right amount of sweet & spice!

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts Treat Bags ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 7.50

    Set up your mouth for the goodness you crave. The rich taste of premium chocolate chips & walnuts combined to blow your mind!

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies Treat Bag with Macadamia Nuts ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 7.50

    Snacking just got exotic! You'll love the taste of Hawaiian macadamia nuts in each bite!

  • Regular Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 7.50

    We had to heed the call of people that wanted a gluten free treat that has the taste & flavor of our regular cookies. It's here for you!

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Biggies ( 6 - 3"+ Cookies ) 8 oz. $12.00

    A handful of delicious? That's what you get with the rich, flavorful goodness that will take your taste buds somewhere you can't imagine!

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Biggies with Walnuts ( 6 - 3"+ Cookies ) 8 oz. $ 13.50

    If you prefer another level of taste sensations, try our larger cookie with walnuts! It's the ultimate perfect snack!

  • Regular or Dark Chocolate Biggies with Macadamia Nuts ( 6 - 3"+ Cookies ) 8 oz. $ 13.50

    Ever thought you can have one snack which fills your mouth with so much deliciousness, you wonder if you won the lottery? This is that experience!

  • Regular Gluten Free Biggies ( 6 - 3"+ Cookies ) 8 oz. $ 13.50

    The big test was creating a gluten free flavor that met the flavor specifications of our traditional cookies. When you taste these delicious treats, you'll know we passed with flying colors!

  • Habanero Chocolate Chip ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 7.50

    There are some people who think traditional snacks must evolve. We heard some people wanted a taste experience they wouldn't forget! The habanero flavor is subtle and balances perfectly with the richness of chocolate chips! We dare you not to love it!

  • Ghost Pepper Chocolate Chip ( 6 ) 4 oz. $ 7.50

    They said it was PURE INSANITY! 🤪 A cookie with more flavor and kick than the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall? But we dare to be bold! One bite will change your spicy snack life!

  • Habanero Chocolate Chip Biggies ( 6 3" + Cookies 8 oz. ) 13.50

    For those adventurous daredevils who love snacks big in size AND flavor, your wish came true! Sweet married to savory in one big cookie? Why not? The habanero flavor intrigues the palate and the chocolate chips takes you on a journey you won't forget!

  • 3 Treat Bag Gift Basket 1.2 lbs. $ 30

    Now you don't have to agonize over which flavor of Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies you want. Why not try all 3? Regular, Dark Chocolate & Regular w/ macadamia nuts! Makes a great holiday present for those with a distinctive sweet tooth!



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